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9. Table Games. Albeit a little pricier, it may be worth investing in at least one large crowd-pleasing table game for your bar – whether that’s air hockey, foosball, pool, or shuffleboard.You can either purchase coin-operated tables, or charge by the half hour or game. Adult party games can generally fit into one of three main categories. There are board games, drinking games, and hand-eye coordination games. Board games typically involve a board which you lay on a flat surface and then cards and dice you roll to move your character around the board.

8. Video Games. Depending on the style of your bar, a video game night may make sense to attract a younger crowd. Competitive games like Halo or Call of Duty can draw more social gamers. While many young adults today have video game systems at home, going out and playing with someone new is something worth considering. 9. Music GamesAuthor: Nicholas Rubright. Dec 18, 2017 · We make it easy by sharing the 18 best bar games for 2019. Are you game? ATTRACT MILLENNIALS WITH ON-TREND PARTY GAMES. Adult party games launch laughing fits in living rooms across America. Now, bring the fun (and millennials) to your place. Always have multiple sets of these popular bar games on hand. Fair warning: they’re definitely R.

Apr 24, 2014 · The 9 Best Bar Games Ever. but every week there’s a spelling bee where drunk adults compete to spell the same words that kids try to spell in the National Spelling Bee. Fun fact: drunk. Ok, here we go, 7 bar games you can play at your bar, pub or club that are guaranteed to bring some laughs and entertainment to the night. Bar Game #1 – The Dating Game. It doesn’t matter if the “couples” are total strangers, friends or long-term lovers.